Click Refresh to update the information that is shown. Windows and Me will verify that your network device is properly installed. Do not have any Ethernet cables connected after you have configured the 22 Mbps Wireless Access Point and are using it in Repeater mode. Launch a Web browser on the computer that is physically connected to the 22 Mbps Wireless Access Point. Razer’s Sila gaming router packs all the perks in its trademark black box. After your computer reboots, the program window with the Configuration Utility icons may appear. You can enter an Administrator ID and a Password.

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Without an IP Address, the 22 Mbps Wireless Access Point will still pass wireless network traffic between clients, but you will not be able to configure any of the settings.

Networking by Aloysius Low Oct 4, When enabled on a laptop, the power saving mode can reduce power wirelews by the wireless PC card and extend the battery life of your laptop. Infrastructure mode is used to add a Wireless Access Point to the wireless network configuration for extended range and increased number of computers that can join the network.

If you disable SSID Broadcast, the correct information must be manually entered for each wireless client that needs to be connected to your wireless network. In farm country, forget broadband.

11/22Mbps Wireless PCMCIA Network Adapter

If you are prompted, reboot your computer. Multiple Bridge mode is similar to Wireless Bridge mode, but it is used when you want to wirelessly connect more than two wired LANs.


When you locate the file, click Update. It is very important that you have your serial number written down before you install the PC Card. You will need to restart your computer.

Only advanced users should change any of the following settings. A window will appear showing you the files that are being loaded onto your system.

Auto Detect mode allows the Configuration Utility to search for a wireless network and automatically connect to it. You can change the authentication mode by selecting the drop-down menu next to Auth. Select Internet Tools and then click Adaptee.

22 Mbps Wireless Configuration Utilities

Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. When Windows detects the new hardware, click Next. Video Games by Lori Grunin 10 days ago. Click Finish to complete the configuration adzpter Home Networking.

22 Mbps Wireless PC Card, PCI Adapter, and Access Point User Guide

You should now see a small icon for the Configuration Utility in the system tray by your clock. For the latest version of the firmware, please visit www. Networks that are operating in Infrastructure mode automatically scan for a channel. Infrastructure type networks also permit roaming between Wireless Access Points while maintaining the connection to all network resources. Adapher, you will need to provide the Shared Secret.

You will then need to provide the IP Address for the computer to which you are connecting. This setting is only implemented in a network that is operating in Infrastructure mode. Read the License Agreement and click Yes to accept the terms. PC Card slots are typically on the side of laptops. If you then return to the Status page and click disconnect sireless a client, that client’s MAC Address will be added to the MAC Filter list on the Security page and that client will not be allowed to access your wireless network.



If you connect a Wireless Access Point to the Macintosh computer, one to the Linux computer, and one for both Windows computers, and then set each Wireless Access Point to Access Point Client mode, you could wirelessly network each of these computers together.

When you are prompted to reboot your computer, select Yes, I want to restart my computer now and click Finish. Click Apply and the Home Networking Wizar d will launch. In Basic Rateyou can select Mbps If your Ethernet device or network adapter does not support wirelsss, you will need to use an Ethernet crossover cable to connect the Wireless Access Point in Access Point Client mode.