Registering new address record for I’m working on a VM though so I’m not messing with my own computer. Select all lsmod grep r8 return? Here is the syslog info – it was basically the exact same when I had r installed. Noli pati a scelestis opprimi. In this mode of operation systemd-resolved is consumer rather than provider of this configuration file. Note that I’ve dual booted my system with both XP and Windows 7, without having to unplug between boots or installations.

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If you do see those messages in the dmesg output, installing the non-free firmware-realtek will get rid of them I typically don’t vebian my ethernet but recently I have started to and its giving me a large amount of problems. IPv6 with address fe Is this something you are forced to do every time r818 boot into linux?

Then I read that I should purge rdkms and it would use the default r in the kernel so I did.

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Debian User Forums Skip to content. Regarding the unplugging thing, yeah that was a one-time deal.


Joining mDNS multicast group on interface enp59s0. I also did not compile any drivers by hand.

Debian Wheezy I’ve installed: In fact, I put the package on a thumbdrive and the installer took care of the rest during install.

Two Drives is a must in this scenario, in my opinion. The exact parameter syntax is usually displayed in the output of Code: Select all sudo update-grub Everythings peachy so far!

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For instance, when you lost connection, did you run ethtool to see if there still is functioning physical connection? I only use wifi xebian school so I can’t check any of the stuff. Setting up rdkms 8. I’ve also tried this; Code: Select all locate r And what does Code: Select all dmesg grep r That’s done by specifying the parameter in a [modulename].

I don’t know if that package you indicated is in this file but I didn’t have one bit of trouble getting the card to work with wheezy. Configuration changes unexpectedly, things that used just to r1868 don’t work any more, system that didn’t need any maintenance suddenly has a life in its own and demands tinkering by admin to keep it working.


Result, Linux is getting Windows-like.

I don’t understand what you mean by, ” You put your nameservers into resolv. It generally helps alot if you diagnose debiian problem instead of trying random repairs. Board index All times are UTC. I keep my boxes simple.

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If we don’t have something, just ask and we’ll try–we like challenges. Now a certain company is flooding Linux with all these “improvements”, systemd, PulseAudio, avahi, whatnot. I know now that, as I’m done with OS installs for a deblan or so atleastI will not have any further issues. I can’t explain this.

I had rdkms installed but it was slow and kept losing its connection. Having to unplug for 30 minutes doesn’t make any sense.