You may also like. Hoping that they would provide enough power the next day and that engine problems were engine problems and not just ignitor problems. Dec 06, , Sign up now to remove ads between posts. I’m now running all life packs and so far so good.

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The led indicator for the plug status is also nice when you tug the starter and it doesnt fire, wondering if it is a bad plug or not. Dynamite Radio Chargers for LiPo 1: Originally Posted by Frank L.

The description says “High-technology regulator, output voltage is 1. I’m happy with it.

Dynamite LI-po GLOW ignitor: worth it?

I personally don’t see a lipo ignitor being worth it, charge your ignitor overnight and it’ll be fine the next day. Voltmeters that I have used will use power from the battery being tested. I’m done with lipo after having an incident at my home.

Find More Posts by Frank L. Last edited by marmalade1; Dec 04, at To address concerns that the voltmeter may be reading it’s own power source, here is a photo showing the same Lipo voltage using an old NiMh power supply: For additional proof try checking out the Hobbico power panel output for the glow starter.


Find More Posts by Nilks. Dec 04, All glow drivers should be LiPo powered Well worth it and seems to supply more current than Nimh starters. So the LiFe battery does not power a glow plug. Do the plugs glow much more brightly? Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

Dynamite Lipo Glow Driver With Battery and Charger DYN | eBay

Filament seems to glow brighter. Next you see my children. Well worth it and seems to supply more current than Nimh starters.

I suspect that the voltage shown is from the LiFe battery, not from the glow plug driver. Spot on there, frank.

Dynamite Lipo Glow Driver With Battery and Charger DYN1926

Originally Posted by Crazycajun Brutus The great Brutifier. Skip to main content. People who bought this also bought. Originally Posted by tromoly. Last one Free shipping. Find More Posts by tromoly. Add a Poll to this Thread.

Well guess what, all the cell phones for the past few years have been running on lipo battaries, as long as; 1 the you use a designated charger a lipo charger that cuts off upon full charge and 2 the device turns off before the minimum voltage is read, there is no harm in using lipos.


Good tight fit on the glow plug Verified purchase: I think they are a great idea wanted to make one way back in the day If you have one how good do they work dyn Good tight fit on the glow plug.

Or throw a mAh NiMH cell in it and never worry again. Originally Posted by edbu1 Oh, OK.