Thu Jun 07, 3: ZIP datefile gives on 1st Feb. Retrieved from ” http: BAT file on your boot disc: Another thing is that you probably need to boot to Dos only and not a dos session under windows. Just run the programs and have fun!

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Using a command such as “VBoxManage.

Wed Jun 06, 6: The video supports vesa many modes. They are distributed only by request via e-mail.

Generic VESA video driver – Free Knowledge Base- The DUCK Project: information for everyone

ZIP Mouse Reset; can help when the mousepointer hangs. No warranties can be made regarding any of the programs mentioned on this page.

Well, I didn’t know you were running win2k. Remember which mode to replace and convert mode number to decimal.

Just run the programs and have fun! This is a driver specifically for graphics cards which use the Tseng Labs ET chip. These games largely did not support the vast array of proprietary video drivers available with some exceptions.


The default graphics driver is vesa package xfvideo-vesawhich handles a large number of chipsets but does not include any 2D or 3D acceleration. You can ask questions, but we might not know the answers.

Change your VBox graphics preferences to allow any display size, since it seems to be showing you only those with 4: Users browsing this forum: My destination task – get x resolution for Windows 98SE guest desktop. To use it, unzip it in the root directory, then add the line C: VESA is a standard method of accessing video memory.

If your graphics card supports bit color, vdsa Carte Primus only uses 8-bit color, a new VESA driver might fix this problem. I beleive a company called scitech made a driver that could add vesa support for a wide variety of cards.

ZIP ves and writes 1: It allegedly works with most video cards. Slow driver operation when user scroll, move or resize a window. These are the best known VESA display standards.

SYS on your boot disc!

Utilities for DOS and Windows

If your card is working slowly and screen is flickering with VBEMP installed, especially when moving large windows and scrolling texts you may improve it: Mar 1, Posts: ZIP Logitech mouse driver V6.


When accessing fullscreen textmode, computer “hangs”. Your gsneric an emulated dos on a virtual machine.

Note if the host is Windows you need to be in the directory that has VBoxManage. Anyway, try booting straight to a command prompt or boot floppy and running your game. The VESA standard includes both support for xx graphics mode 0x and for xx graphics mode 0x The VESA Software Standards Committee was closed down due to a lack of interest resulting from charging high prices for specifications. Here is an older wrappers, renderers which are tested: Cannot set resolution higher than xx8bits and xx16bits.

Try a videocard with another bus: