Oh come on MT, how long does it take to swap over a CD? It appears that in my absence from the forums for so long, I missed the fun stuff half way through this thread. Use Subscription form below. If you want the game then buy it, and live with Starforce though it has been reported to permenantly harm CD Drives, create system instability and performance issues Until it reaches the latter stages most people do not even realise it is happening.

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Thank you CYaBro for your comment.

And I have some idea of how games are cracked thanks. So think about it, what you buy for your money. The amount of money I spend on games in a year has dropped massivly due to all this crap, The fact that it doesn’t bother some doesn’t mean its not a legitimate gripe.

Known issues Since starforce version 3. That aside, any CD drive no matter how good the brand is only for a certain amount of spins, 99 percent of its life is wasted spinning up and spinning down game cd’s so you can prove your not a theif, How would you feel if everytime you switched on your TV you had to spend 3 minutes proving its yours?


October 3, at 3: A forum is at your disposal for talking about Starforce and sharing your experiences.

Please help me delete starforce protection

starfoce FusionDesk Starter Organize your tasks and manage your schedules: Then use NO CD image of crack right? The games only do a CD check when you first launch it.

Unofficial way to remove Starforce Remove these files: Ask fat ppl about this stuff. Hi guysthis article will tell you how to remove starforce protection driver from your PC What is Starforce Starforce is a software copy protection stafrorce installed by PC game publishers, which is designed to prevent the casual copying of retail CDROM applications.

Get real MT, inserting the CD won’t scratch it, leaving it lying around in amongst all your junk does that. If you have problems with running starfoce protected application, driver update can solve the problem in some cases, as well as it can improve the interaction between the protected application and the drivers in programs from other vendors. Especially by considering last events. July 27, at There is a Starforce Cleaner Utility that has worked for some.

Wow if i could i would give you a star!!

March 22, at 1: IT doesn’t then access the CD again. Powered by WordPress Theme by TechieSouls.


Starforce Protection Driver | StarForce Drivers Removal

There are more advantages for using No-CD for a high speed computer rather than slow speed computers. Therefore please make your way to gamecopyworld. A Greman version, but never use it since mine is English version, it works fine. The famous protection solution developer, StarForce, has granted a sole right to distribute the StarForce Removal Tool utility to www. Apart from the inconvenience of getting the disks in and out of the drive there are other benefits: I will contact the CD crackers very soon for news.

So whats the drivel you mentioned about CD Reading being slow?

StarForce protection drivers issue

If you say I running pirated games and where do you get full version games for free? We’ll add to this page any new techniques available. Most others don’t which is why the No-CDs work for them.

There are methods for getting around it, but haven’t tried any so don’t know how effective they are. Can I remove it right after I install the game?