Looking through Creative’s support site for their cards shows one OS or the other in driver downloads, not both. For me something similar would have been the cleanest approach for accessing sound cards in DOS. Asus made some half-hearted efforts with their infamous media-slot basically a PCI slot with additional legacy connections , and some chipset manufacturers supported SB on their chipsets which is easy, as long as the sound chip and the board chipset stay together on one piece of hardware. Add a PCI soundcard, prefferably an older one. The original DOSferatu was from www.

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And communism is flat-out bad.

I never heard of this “AC’97” sound chip, but my motherboard’s chip is an ancient AMIBIOS i think its old enough to be ancient and I run a SoundBlaster 16 on my old piece of DOS equipment, but its running Win95 and it runs some games perfectly but some don’t have sound on them due to crappy Windows problems interfering. As I said some drivers already exists so who wants make new he can take mpxplay sources. Don’t ask me why. Icu section is meant simply to highlight those.

Thanks for your effort. I’ve recently noticed purely by chance a similar unintentional omission, I let the person concerned know and they are now aware and are fixing it. Such cards included Media Vision’s Thunderboard, which according to Media Vision was fully Sound Blaster complaint except for enhacements that were only detected and usable if software attempted to ID the card multiple times.


There would icb to be some kind of TSR to catch access to soundblaster port access and convert them into AC97 accesses. NDAs and software a9c7 seem to be self-defeating in some ways. Europe by the Danube.

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You can talk yourself out of anything with reasoning like that. Although Creative Labs may be the more well known name, the CT abbreviation has been the more common abbreviation. I don’t see why changing the sound card would fix that. Join Date Nov Posts If one wishes to support a specific card, but doesn’t have that card, then card drivers might be sufficient.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Find out what other company ih the audio controller as that is what the driver will need to be made for. Hi Jeff, Glad to see you participating here, a good crowd and great to see it grow! The sound chip is a VIA an dthe chipset Via southbridge.

He wrote that he’ll try to do it so maybe it’ll became a reality. Trouble is, I only have Auto or Disabled as options. It is your code and you sent a lot of time on it.



Same problem, I have this intel AC’97 integrated sound and extreme graphics video pci video card The standard was used in motherboardsmodemsand sound cards. Enough with the Winonly drivers, silly world!! Obviously it is discussed in thousands of locations on various forums This would be very appreciated I’ll dig out my latest.

Edit – you mentioned PCI above.

DOS ain’t dead

Normally, six channels are used for 5. Richard on Monday, February 16, Thank you very much.

I ax97 what I’m getting at, and most certainly didn’t describe it well in my post, as I was still in shock, was: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Icn is not a recommendation, I’ve never used it myself, but some people have reported success. I brewed a FASM example, still, his approach is not very professional. I think it only supported up to ICH 5, but this subject has gotten me interested in doing an update to it, and I have access to a few newer boards with some later ICHes on it.