We have some employees who will queue up a job, enter a quantity and walk away from it. They are NOT helpful and have yet to resolve any of issues, aside from sending out a tech to service the machine. I’m sure they’ll want to convert us all to ricoh machines in time, but if they don’t keep us happy with the machines currently being sold that won’t happen and they’ll lose us to xerox, KM direct, etc. The toner bottles are very small and the Ikon supply team steadfastly keeps you on a 2 bottle limit per order unless you can coerce your sales rep by dropping the Canon name. Some days they respond within the four hours, however, usually it’s the next business day. This has more or less been remedied, but it took them months to figure it out. With billions of dollars at stake, I don’t see why Ricoh would do anything to mess up the customer-base they are buying.

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Do you find the or noticeably better than the ? What we do with click charges is run jobs 2-up or 4-up; since we are charged 1 click for 11 x 17 or for 8. But as a customer, I don’t think it matters to printe. When I first heard about the buyout I had that reaction — e. Get used to having to make adjustments for side A to side B. HalftoneOct 22, Our agreement clearly states 1 click per image.



Learn to clean the corona wires yourself. We have had continuous problems to the point that we are now buying a new Xerox despite that we don’t really have the sales numbers to justify it yet.

Since i have been servicing machine, production primter never been higher, and quality has been much better. For months the coloring from left to right was drastically different, very inconsistent. Some days they respond within the four hours, however, usually it’s the next business day.

Copy DoctorMar 5, It could be that, but I suspect it’s more that some beancounter decided to save money by squeezing their printer customers on toner trying to force them to use their expensive color machines for text coverage only which is unrealistic.

They never told us they were doing this and have given no reason. The machine, aside from the four hours it worked today, has been down since Friday five days?!

We have three CPP machines. Yeah, they cost a bit more but they print something that you can hand to your customer with confidence and not that gut-wretching feeling as you wait for them to notice the lines and the crappy fields of color. Has anyone here ever heard of somebody being successful at breaking a lease with IKON??? Get c;p to some paper stocks not running. And how many prints on average do you get between service calls?

The techs tell us that changing paper sizes is the cause of ukon fuser lines on our 12×18’s or 13×19’s but what the hell do they want us to do? I have the complete field service manual and parts listing for the JayBirdJul 26, Oh, and don’t try to run stock cut down from parent sheets as short grain.


You’ll be glad you did, as cal ikn the glass is WEAK.

Our three machines break down so frequently that they are now stock piling parts in my office to have on hand. JeffOct 23, It’s an okay machine. Usually they have to order most of the parts and that can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Keep an eye on it!

Free Shipping On Ikon CPP-550 Supplies CPP550.

Then they are surprised when the job has gone bad and try to blame the machine or the technician. Rollers for the more commonly used trays have been replaced multiple times.

At first we had service through a private company DPI and could not register, print, or basically complete a job without having one of their techs on site.

Sometime in April their service department changed it to ccpp click on 12×18’s, unlike our Konica.