All SQL Server features as well as the 4 new types: If you need to use this type, use the ODP. Grouped overloaded procedures are supported. Let these tools generate your data access layer, saving you time and headaches. No support for XQuery queries.

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It can highlight data access anti-patterns and programming mistakes and help you track down which parts of your code handle executes particular queries for tuning and troubleshooting. There are several versions available. NET providers used by you are built llhlgen.

Both of those articles are still useful.

General Each driver which supports unique constraints will only retrieve unique constraint meta-data, not unique indexes. As a bonus, all this functionality is llglgen with extensive documentation and community support.

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SubSonic is a free, open source project and you’ll find the code and latest documentation in the SubSonic Project on GitHub. NET, table valued functions and synonyms for Tables and Views not for lpblgen servers. This can be a huge disadvantage. The drivers themselves use the ADO.


Once you’ve built the DAL, Simple Data Access Layer provides an mysqk and wizard to edit the model and generate classes to access the data objects. The CodePlex site also includes a pretty comprehensive set of nHydrate Myslq and tutorials. There’s a handy Getting Started guide on the ORMapster Web site that walks you through building a data model based on the beloved Northwind sample database. Davis and Michael S. You can also log query execution and data access to determine overall usage and specific task performance.


No support for overloaded stored procedures in the same package Oracle, using Microsoft Oracle Client System. Tables, views, sequences, table valued functions and procedures. Telerik Data Access includes a visual designer, as well.

In that case, consider using an ODP. LLBLGen Pro also provides an integrated visual designer for data-first or model-first mywql and modeling. Multiple catalogs per project. Required for Microsoft Access: There’s a lot of interesting functionality here. So Many Choices As you can see, there’s a data access solution for just about any project here.


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If you need to use this type, use the ODP. NET provider assembly version. CodeTrigger see Figure 1 analyzes the schema of your data source and automatically builds business and data domain models.

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The downside is that you may have to invest some effort in tracking down information. Irwsoft Data Framework Light Edition provides basic functionality at a nice price: There’s also a standalone version available. Each driver which supports unique constraints will only retrieve unique constraint meta-data, not unique indexes.

For supported features, see Oracle ODP. All datatypes supported by Npgsql are supported. NET so these are installed and a.