Posted 03 January – The start type of Dnscache service is set to Demand. Jan 5, 6: Troubleshooting security software issues for additional information. After doing that I began to google information regrading this issue and came across some theories through message boards. United States – English.

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TCP/IP Protocol Driver

An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection: Well thats promising matey. If the issue returns, third-party software may be reinserting the LSP. To get rid of the above, in an administrative command prompt run: It had tpip effect.

You must restart the machine in order to complete the reset. In reply to Mike Eaton:. Did this solve your problem? If you have a third-party add-on installed, the name of the add-on will replace the letters “MSAFD” in the tdp/ip.

If it does then you can narrow it down to a Windows problem. Follow the step to identify which software in your system is the culprit and uninstall it. Network Error – Winsock – Virus Effect???


You will have ten sections under Protocol.

Thu Jun 04, 3: Jun 14, Posts: The operation failed since no adapter is tcpi/p the state permissible for this operation. The ImagePath of wscsvc service is OK.

Try running the System File Checker. I think you may be on the right path here.

No internet access following redirect virus removal

South Africa – English. But I’d go with Paladin’s advice and nuke the machine and reinstall.

Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for further help. If the names are anything different from those in this list, the Winsock2 key is corrupted, or you have a third-party add-on, such as proxy software, installed.

Sophos also uses one on Windows 7 so it would be interesting to see the Winsock maafd entries. In these cases, I always recommend you take off and nuke the site from orbit reformat and reinstall.

DLL failed to start with error code I have been spinning my wheels all day on this.


TCP/IP Network Transport Is Not Installed – Windows Networking

Name Space Provider Entry 32 Description: An error occurred while renewing interface local area connection: Windows could not finish repairing the because the following action cannot be completed: If they are back, we would need to see tcpi/p is re-registering tpip.

Can you offer some ideas I can try. The value above repeated 5 times with additional variables at the end Note: In Sophos Central Admin, the machine shows as not having any outstanding alerts everything has been clearedand it has a green check.

And his connection is really good.