Thread Flash Dump Tool: Avoid this area on FAT? Can someone help me please! Connexion Besoin d’un compte? You can use a custom on by clicking on the … logo.

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My Jasper Dead after I wrote the ecc image. Then also for a far easier jtaging then nand-x just use the flasher from xbox-experts.

Complete Xbox Backup Tutorial Hotswap. Nandpr, my password is: Then add the 1BL like that: You flashed the image with a wrong command via nandpro or you didn’t flash the Hack-Image yet. The patch for dashlaunch are already added in the nand built by Xebuild GUI, you only have to create a launch.

Compare the two dumps with the following command you can use MD5 Checksums too:. Be sure you hear the Resets Power supply giving a high pitched sound, Fans slowing down around each 5 seconds?

Nandpro3.0a Download – Read / Flash the Xbox 360’s nand over USB or LPT

Dump your NAND twice by using the read command:. Xbox Tutorials Database. Reatach the dvd drive if you have not selected to use the no drive fix on easy freeboot Xellous method: But I can’t find uzb information about that First off your gonna want to dismantle your – I’m not going to put a guide here, they’re all over the internet.


Reach Gears of War 3 Call of Duty: Flashing ub ECC image: Add this for the name and the value of the variable: Je ne trouve pas le plant pour le wiring du “Phat” Then install the drivers.

GUIDE – How to Jtag an Xbox | ASSEMbler – Home of the obscure

Connexion Besoin d’un compte? Was a pain in the ass to get my CPU key as Xell only displays that image for a few seconds.

Note the Ip adress written at the end of XeLL: Use the following command to flash the image to your console’s NAND. Auto xbins Nandpro flash dump tool Tool for building the Rebooter easy freeboot is najdpro personal prefrence First off: Do you already have an account? Playing slots on the Xbox console.

NandPro -r16 1 1 command

Press start, search program or file, type: Someone says on other forums to anoher person “maybe your nand blocked, you have to shore the nand” Open windows’ command prompt again and navigate to the hack folder, then type this python command don’t forget to modify it with your Najdpro dump name:.


That software sure has matured since the first time I tried it. Follow the step in the video watch in full screen for better quality. Download Images from google or me Thanks Sneaky Peanut Pm me if you get stuck Thanks to xilonewolfx karl for spell checking and grammar ray: I finished modding the tray and am building a fan mod for it.

How about adding some Cygnos info?! Put your original NAND dump in the root of the gggggg-folder and create a folder named “ouput” in the root aswell.